Director's Notebook
Welcome to the Director's Notebook of Rabia! This page is our charity back to other filmmakers, as these files demonstrate everything we did in preparing to make Rabia.

Rabia was a success because we had an excellent creative team, that prepared well. I'm also deeply thankful to Chapman University and everyone at the Dodge College of Film for preparing us so well. Again, I consider this page my Director's Notebook – below you'll find every official note I wrote about Rabia, including notes to the Makeup Artist, Sound Designer, Costume Designer and my creative keys. You'll also find drafts of the screenplay, my Director's Notes, and many other items that were essential for preparation. Lastly, there are also on-set pictures that show what took place behind the scenes. Enjoy!
Miguel Ali
Director's Notes Production Design Portfolio

Cinematography Notes

Producing Notes

Post-Production Notes


Electronic Press Kit


Rabia Behind The Scenes Pictures